Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Wheels 1968 Mercury Cougar Kmart Collector Event diecast 2012

Kmart had today its first Hot Wheels collector's event of 2012. As usual you can get exclusive diecasts in this collectors day. This was the chance for collectors to open a sealed case with the hope of finding a Treasure Hunt. If you've never been to a Kmart Collector Day event then head over to your favorite K location on Saturday, February 11th at 9:00 AM for your chance to find exclusive Cars!!! Amongst new releases they had: '68 HEMI Barracuda (micro lavender) '68 Cougar (hunter green) 2010 Camaro w/ Light Bar (anodized blue) '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator (fluorescent chartreuse) Today in this video I'm gonna be showing and review the 1968 Mercury Cougar. This is the 119/247 Muscle Mania Ford 2012. "hotwheels. hot wheels" diecast die-cast "1:64 scale diecast" "1/64 scale diecast" "kmart exclusive" "kmart collector's event" "Hot Wheels Kmart event" cars blucollection turntable review toys "diecast cars" "die-cast cars" "hot wheels 2012 collector's event" "Kmart Cars Collectors Event diecast 2012" "Hot Wheels Kmart collectors event 2012" hotwheels. hot wheels diecast die-cast 1:64 scale diecast 1/64 scale diecast kmart exclusive kmart collector's event Hot Wheels Kmart event cars blucollection turntable carrinhos diecast cars die-cast cars treasure hunt collector's event Kmart hot wheels mattel Cars (film) Toy Ride commercial collection HW hotwheels hot wheels diecast collection Cars 2012 Cars collector's event Hot Wheels Cars event 2012 toys

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