Thursday, May 3, 2012

Octo Battle Playset Color Shifters Creatures HOT WHEELS Mattel

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Changers OctoBattle Playset from Mattel. Defeat the giant octopus by exploding speed splash his head and save the city with your heroic Color Shifters car. Place your Color Shifters car in the dunk tank until it reaches maximum hero mode, then launch up the ramp. Move too slowly and you will be trapped in the whirlpool tank where the octopus will spray you with water using his crazy tentacle ridden arms and see the car change colors as it enters battle mode. Power up again, launch faster and hit the octopus in his weak spot to make his head explode. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Sells between $10 to $15 dollars. Save the city from the evil Octopus with this Hot Wheels Octo Battle playset. Use your color changers shifters cars to defeat the giant octopus. Hot Wheels Octo Battle Playset Color shifters creatures Color change car is included Water blasting tentacles Rotating platform for all over blast Exploding head Launch over the bridge Miss and get blasted Recommended for ages 4 and up Check out: Disneycollectorbr, jeepersmedia, thetoychannel, fluffyJetproductions, racegrooves, toyreviews, SeanxLong, wiki/cars_2, wikicars, timetoplaymag, DisneyPixar, DisneyMovies, DisneyMovieTrailers, DisneyParks, DisneyLiving, Hot Wheels octobattle playset Hot Wheels colors shifters octo battle playset hot wheels octobattle playset track colour color changers color changer color shifter color changers cars color shifters cars octobattle playset blucollection changers toys water toys centro atacadista Mattel Mattel sets Laboratório de Criaturas Pista Baía do Tubarão Speed Splash

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